Instrumental with electronics: No title yet, sorry (for R.) written for 6 amplified instruments and tape part. Written in early 2013. Performed by Hermes Ensemble (May 2013 Bramal Building, Birmingham).

Chamber vocal music: Zimnych Krajów Kołysanki (Cold Countries Lullabies). Part of the magnificent ‘Real Life Song’ CD (2016) by Joanna Freszel, an outstanding polish soprano.

Theater music: In the Heart of Darkness (based on the text of Heiner Müller’s Hamletmachine). Written in March 2016. Performed by Song of the Goat Theatre as part of Crazy God (theatre piece directed by Grzegorz Bral).

Instrumental, bigger ensemble: Kind of Like Indian Summer for a chamber ensemble. Written in the winter 2008/09. 2 clarinets, french horn, 2 x percussion and strings (vln., vla., vc. and cb.). Performed by Asko-Schönberg ensemble, conducted by Bas Wiegers.

Piano solo: Katerina Konstantourou playing Ewig Früling. Kalamata Conservatory (Greece), spring 2017.

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